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We are now partnered with Emsisoft Antivirus!

IT Factor has partnered with Emsisoft Antivirus! With this we can offer this amazing product to our clients to ensure that their systems are protected to the fullest extent possible!

What is Emsisoft Antivirus?

Emsisoft Antivirus is an award winning Antivirus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Ransomware. Not only does it update daily, but it ensures that your entire computer network is secured! This layered solution will not only protect your users from going to malicious websites, it also comes with a real-time file guard and behavior blocking abilities.

How does it work?

Emsisoft Antivirus has been coded with the power of AI and Machine Learning for enhanced protection, which takes cybersecurity to the next level! The real-time file guard utilizes a dual-engine scanner that checks all downloaded and modified files in real-time to ensure you do not have any malicious files. The behavior blocker will monitor all active processes and issues alerts any time there is a sign of suspicious activity. The Anti-Ransomware uses a custom-built behavioral monitoring to prevent ransomware from encrypting your files by monitoring your files and shutting down the process that is trying to encrypt them.

What other benefits are there to this system?

One additional option that you can purchase as an add-on to this system is the Content Filtering Service. This service allows the Emsisoft program to actively refuse your end-users from going to certain websites by genre! One example would be if you do not want any of your end-users to go to adult websites, you can block it for your entire organization. With content filtering on, it will record any attempt to view this type of website so that you can trace back to which end user it was and where they were trying to go! There are a total of six genres built into the system, but IT Factor can create custom rules just for you!

How easy is it to integrate into our existing system?

Partnered with Emsisoft Antivirus, it is as easy as flipping a button on our end. With full integration into our RMM and CRM, we can easily activate it to all computers in your network with automated installation and configuration. We will also have full access to their Cloud Console, which will allow us to monitor your entire network, check for issues and resolve problems directly from our office! This will show us all incidents, files found, and much more! For more information on Antivirus Solutions click here!

Change in Communication Client – Video Blog

Welcome to IT Factor’s first Video Blog. In this video we will be going over the Change in Communications Client. We are moving away from the IT Factor Remote Support icon in favor of something more robust. We have attached a video below so that you can watch the new features of the client. This change will go into effect at the end of day on October 14th, 2022.

Change in Communication Client

If you are a current client, please be sure to share this video with your staff. This way everyone stays up to date with the new requirements for contacting us quickly through their desktops. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 915-235-3373. We will be more than happy to discuss these changes with you!

IT Factor will be performing more video blogs as time goes on. Stay tuned for more future updates!

Old Way New Way

IT Factor is Changing!

New Logo

IT Factor understands that change is sometimes necessary, and with this we are going to be going through some changes in the next few weeks. We are rolling full steam and will be utilizing new systems to help us support our clients with higher efficiency while maintaining the same quality you love!

Here are some of the changes that you can expect in the upcoming weeks:

  • IT Factor has updated its logo! This will ensure that we have a great brandable logo design!
  • We are moving away from the older chat client that resides at your task bar and moving to our new web-based system. This system will allow for our techs to get audible notifications (on desktop and cell phones) that you are sending us messages. This way we will always know when you are needing assistance.
  • Our new online knowledge base will give our users common information for items such as email client setup, remote access setup, vpn connectivity and more. This way you can be informed on the products you already have or investigate what is required for certain functions to work.
  • New product tags! We are doing away with the old thermal printed stickers on your computers! We are now moving to fully colored, barcoded stickers. We are also in the process of updating our barcode system to allow our techs to have more functionality with them. This includes creating a ticket, marking a device as picked up, add notes to assets, and managing your repairs faster!
  • Our referral bonuses are now active! This means that if you refer our company out to fellow colleagues or other businesses you are eligible for rewards! This could be anything from free services, free hardware upgrades, to Visa gift cards! The more you refer us, the more you earn!
  • Our new Remote Monitoring and Management system is now fully operational.

We are confident that all these changes will assist us in resolving your issues faster and seperate us from your average neighborhood service provider. We look forward to moving forward with these changes as soon as possible and will continue to provide your company with excellent service!