Do you have any Questions?

Below is a listing of some of our most asked questions.

A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is a company that gives you a complete package of IT power! You have unlimited access to our remote support and on-site technician visits. We also proactively monitor your computers, servers and network 24/7!
Planning a new IT Infrastructure takes an immense amount of work. We take this work off your plate and onto ours! We will setup a meeting with your company and discuss all requirements that you need, and we will evaluate your current setup to see if there are additional items that will need to be taken into consideration.
Since the beginning of IT Factor, we have ensured a base level of morality for our company. We pride ourselves on the honesty of our employees to ensure that you are not being overcharged, under serviced and let you know any and all downfalls of your current infrastructure.

We work with ANY electronic system. We are specialized in Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. We also specialize with Servers, Network Equipment, Security Camera Systems, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography and much more!

Yes! We ensure that your entire network is running at peak performance, monitor all hardware within the network for errors or potential failure, check network security logs daily, and even offer offsite backups for all of your sensitive data.

Keep It Simple

IT Factor takes the worry out of your hands and ensures you wont have to worry about managing your equipment.

Unique Strategy

With a tested and true method, we have mastered the ability to manage your entire infrastructure with ease!

Unique Planning

One-on-one planning assists in ensuring that you have a full understanding of your IT Solution.