IT Consultant

In today’s business world, understanding the needs of your office’s computer system hardware and software can sometimes feel stressful. There are many options when it comes to networking equipment, servers and computers. Therefore you require an IT Consultant.

IT Factor has been assisting clients with purchasing equipment that is perfect for their needs and does not go overboard. Remember that just because an item is expensive, does not mean that it will fit the exact needs of your usage or software. Allow us to assist you in getting the exact hardware or software you need at the best pricing.

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Why Choose Us?

IT Factor has been assisting our clients in getting the best equipment at the best price possible. We have partnered with many companies such as Dell and HP to be able to pass on our reseller pricing to our clients!

  • Ensuring you get the proper equipment for your needs.
  • Reseller pricing passed directly to you!
  • Explaining the hardware/software and its benefits.
  • Providing detailed quotes to our clients.

Analyzing Your Needs

IT Factor can assist no matter the size of the project. Whether you just need a single workstation or to replace every station in your office. We will create a proposal packet for you to explain all the steps required, hardware needed, and estimated times of completion.

How do you know what kind of hardware to get?

IT Factor technicians will discuss the requirements of your software and your standard workflow to fully understand the needs of the hardware. Our technicians are all experienced in understanding every piece of hardware in a computer and we can even recommend fully custom built machines to serve specialized needs such as CAD (computer aided design), Video Editing, and even DICOM PACS machines.

Do you charge for Consultations?

Yes. For any consultation, we will charge a nominal fee for the time spent understanding your needs, researching products and preparing the proposal. However, if you are part of our Managed Service Contract, all consultation fees are included in the contract.

What should I have at our first meeting for my project?

Please prepare what your daily activities consist of (or will consist of), as well as what software you will be utilizing. This will assist our IT Consultant in understanding the needs for your hardware much quicker and allow us to ensure your quote is prepared directly for your needs.