Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT

In the world of Healthcare, nothing is more important than a strong IT Company. Healthcare providers rely on having access to their data at all times, day or night. Many IT Companies treat healthcare offices the same as every other type of company, but IT Factor does not believe in this. Medical offices are completely different and specialized as there are many HIPAA requirements, regulations and security settings. These requirements need to be in place that most other companies don’t have to worry about.

Gavin Seabrook, owner of IT Factor, came from a family that was based in the medical world. Since starting his company, he has understood medical technology.

Therefore he has focused his strengths in Healthcare IT. It is these strengths that allowed him to specialize in the healthcare world and bring so many medical practices under the care of IT Factor.

What makes Healthcare IT Different?

Provider offices are required to meet a certain standard when it comes to IT. This is due to the amount of sensitive data flowing through the practice. It must meet the standards of HIPAA compliance. Requirements for Healthcare IT can include:

  • Increased Security and Controls
  • Special Login Requirements
  • Understanding of SQL Databases and Maintenance
  • Security of Network Shares
  • Security of Patient Data
  • Strong Backup plans with Disaster Recovery
  • Regulatory Risk Assessments

Warning: IT Factor has noted that there are some companies that have been performing Risk Assessments in the El Paso area. Companies are given a single page document with checkmarks on them stating everything has passed the assessment. This is not a valid risk assessment as a risk assessment should include all documentation. This should equal out to about 30 pages of information.

Why Choose Us?

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IT Factor has specialized in the Healthcare IT field for over 14 years. We currently service over 60 Physician offices and continue to grow each day. Our technicians are HIPPA Certified Specialists with a vast understanding of their regulations and requirements.

  • 14+ Years of Healthcare IT
  • HIPAA Certified
  • Understanding of Medical Devices
  • Digital Xray and Ultrasound Specialists
  • Specialized in over 30 EMR Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you evaluate our current IT?

Our technicians can go into your medical practice and perform a free full evaluation of your current IT Setup. We will thoroughly look at each piece of equipment, user login controls, patient flow, and security. We will then document our findings and present them so that you can see if we find any flaws in your practice.

Are you able to work on antiquated systems?

Yes! IT Factor technicians are well educated in all varieties of equipment and software. Whether you are using an older software, such as Medical Manager, or have older Xray or Ultrasound equipment, we can service it all.

How fast can IT Changeover happen?

If your current IT is well documenting your network (As required by HIPAA), changeover can happen from one day to the next. We can ensure that all access from a prior tech company, security settings, logins and more will all be changed over the same day.