Protecting your Data

Offsite Backup

Importance of Backups

Communicative Technology is an amazing tool in todays world. From checking your bank, saving tax records, or even reading e-mails. But there are many hidden dangers to your data that is overlooked until it is too late. This is why having an offsite backup for your most important data is imperative. Multiple companies fall victim to hardware failure, ransomware or other corruptive pitfalls with no backup to fall back on.

IT Factor is proud to present our Offsite Backup Solution. Our software is able to backup any data with full 256-Bit encryption, high compression and fail safes against Ransomware. Our backups run daily over our Multigig Network and a copy is exported to a separate offsite location. Ensure that your data is protected to its fullest with our backup services.

What Systems can you Backup?

Our offsite backup services can handle the following data types:

  • Files and Folders
  • Disk Imaging
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Machines
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Server System State
  • Windows System Backup

Frequent Questions about our Backup

Is there a limit on file sizes?

IT Factor has no storage limits on our backups. We have dedicated a large storage array just for the use of our offsite backup services. If more space is required, we will add it as necessary utilizing a Storage Vault device.

Are you able to see my files?

No. We are not able to see any information about the files that are being backed up into our server. All files are encrypted using RSA-256 Bit encryption. They are compressed at the point of backup (client side) and the naming of the files is masked. We are unable to open the files on our end unless you ask us to perform a drive based restore at our office.

What if we got ransomware and then a backup occurs?

Most ransomware viruses will encrypt all files in the system. This includes the necessary files for our offsite backup software to run. This will prevent it from allowing our software to backup the encrypted files. Our second layer of protection is that we store multiple copies of your backups. We can always revert back to a previous time before any infection occurred. Our software is also protected from unauthorized use as after we setup the backup parameters. We lock the software in place so that nothing can be modified or deleted unless we perform it from our end.

How do you charge for this service?

We charge an annual fee based on the amount of computers or servers you are wanting to protect. We also offer onsite backup solutions if you do not want to go cloud based.

What if your servers go down?

If our servers ever go down, we will send out a bulletin and our secondary location servers will automatically resume your backup procedures. This way we can ensure that your systems are always protected!