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VoIP Phone Service

In today’s world, clear communication is key to a successful business environment. This is not only for outside communication, but internal communication as well. IT Factor has seen many VoIP solutions implemented in the past, from local companies to Ring Central.

Although they do work great for making calls, but there is a big area that is missing, and that is internal unified communications.

IT Factor now offers our own VoIP Phone Service (IT Factor VoIP), that not only gives you high quality audio phone calls, but integrates with mobile apps and Boomea for intraoffice communications and organization.

Therefore we can offer competitive pricing and giving our clients a better platform has allowed us to take this project full scale!

How is IT Factor VoIP different?

Our VoIP Phone Service is a full Unified Communications system. Unified communications means that you are never out of the loop with what is happening within your company. This is to include communications with your clients, patients, or leads, but also with your own team! Some of the features of our VoIP system are:

  • Encrypted Voice and Text Communication.
  • Affordable Full Cloud PBX System with 3 Failover Data Centers.
  • Accessible from Anywhere! Mobile App, Desk Phone or Computer App!
  • Scalable up to 1000 lines.
  • BYOD - If you have SIP phones already, you can still utilize the same phones with more features.
  • EFAX Built into our Platform. Move forward to paperless options.
  • Call Recording for all inbound, outbound or extension to extension calls.
  • Boomea Integration - Check Voicemails, Change your phone routing, listen to call recordings or chat with staff and more!
  • Unlimited Zoom style video and desktop sharing conference calls.

Why Choose Us?

VoIP Solutions

IT Factor VoIP Phone Service offers a full service system that combines the features of a standard PBX system, with the advanced technology and reliability of VoIP. Our unified communications platform will ensure that you stay connected to your office no matter where you are. Therefore allowing you to have a full view of what is going on in your company.

  • Quick Porting of your Existing Numbers
  • E-Fax Solution
  • Boomea Full Integration
  • Call Recording
  • Full AutoAttendant and Professional Voice Recording

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the system in action?

Yes! IT Factor can give your office a full view of how our phone system works to include phone options, mobile app usage and all features of the Boomea Platform. Call us today to schedule a meeting in person or virtually!

Do I need to transfer all my numbers?

No! The only numbers we typically transfer is the Main phone and the Fax line. Our system works on extensions and virtual trunks, so you can have multiple calls to the same number and have them route to different extensions. We even offer burst trunking if your phone calls exceed the number of virtual trunks you pay for.

Do you have multiple service levels?

Yes! IT Factor VoIP Phone Service allows you to choose how you want the system to run. If you do not want the mobile app, Boomea and its associated features, we do have a basic plan that is just for the desk phones. Our standard plan includes the Mobile App and call recordings. Our premier plan includes Boomea, Auto Attendant, call queues and much more!

How Quick can I Transfer Services?

Porting is the acquisition of your telephone numbers and moving them to a new service provider. This process can take as little as 3 days up to the FCC maximum of 14 days. But once the numbers are committed to transfer, the process usually only takes about 1 hour to transition service.