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Introducing IT Factor VoIP

We would like to formally introduce IT Factor VoIP! Our VoIP platform gives your company the ability to utilize true Unified Communications. In this post, we will go over some of the benefits of VoIP, what our new system includes and why this is called Unified Communications.

What is Unified Communications?

The term Unified Communications (UC) means connecting your entire workforce together in a digital way. Seamless UC means you receive higher levels of interaction with your team to incorporate:

  • Messaging (Persistent Chat)
  • Voice and Video Calling
  • Meetings
  • Team Collaboration
  • File Sharing
  • Integrated Applications

Giving your employees the tools needed to communicate across vast spaces and simplifies the need to connect, share and work together. This can help:

  • Better Productivity: Being able to connect with fellow employees more comfortably using any device or medium they desire.
  • Reduce Costs: Ensuring that your employees can communicate, share, and hold meetings all from one location eliminates the needs of additional software and services.
  • Stronger Teamwork: Allowing your employees to communicate and collaborate in an instant, they can solve customer service, planning, and projects much faster!
  • Enhancing User Experience: With all these tools, this keeps up employee moral by giving them more freedom to work as they choose with higher productivity rates.

Benefits of VoIP over Conventional Phones

VoIP is still a new technology and is still changing as it evolves, but it does offer a multitude of benefits that most people do not understand when they think of VoIP. Some benefits include:

  • HD Voice: The quality of VoIP audio is much clearer than your traditional analog/digital line. One way to think about it is Analog and Digital would be compared to cassette tapes and CDs, where VoIP is compared to DVD.
  • Cloud PBX: With analog and digital systems, you would need to have a large, expensive box in your office to control all your phones, purchase voicemail cards and other add-ins to allow for auto attendants and call queues. With VoIP, your “PBX” is in the cloud with ALL the features you could dream of for no additional cost.
  • FM/FM: This stands for “Find Me Follow Me”. This is a new feature to VoIP systems, allowing your users to control how the extension works. In example, if they will be out of the office or in a meeting for an extended period, they can choose how to route their calls until they return.
  • Auto Attendant/Call Queue: Allow your customers to navigate your phone menu to reach the department they need, allowing you to cut down on needing operators or time staff has to route calls. Followed up with Call Queues, you can allow your customers to be placed into a queue to wait for the next available representative so your staff does not have to constantly place calls on hold.

How does this help with UC?

With IT Factor VoIP, you not only have access to the phone on your desk, but you also have access to our mobile app (Nimbus Phone), as well as our Desktop App (Boomea). With these additional tools, you will have access to not only your customers, but all of your employees at all times! This is where the main benefit to IT Factor VoIP comes in is Boomea. This single app allows your team to:

  • Chat: Create as many public and private chats for your entire team. Allow certain team members to see specific chats and maintain constant communication via text.
  • Voicemail: Voicemail can be checked directly in the app with Voicemail Transcription. This way you can read the voicemails instead of listening to them. Voicemails deleted in the app (or in mobile app) also delete on the desk phone.
  • Call Center: Monitor your call queues, see average response times, average hold times and average time of users on the phone.
  • Call Recordings: Giving you the ability to record all phone calls (inbound/outbound/extension to extension) allows you to ensure that nothing can be misused against your company. IT Factor has helped save multiple companies from potential lawsuits from “He said She said” statements.
  • Task Management: Anything within our Boomea app can be linked to a task to be shared with the proper person/department. You can link Chat Messages, Voicemails, Call Recordings and file attachments to a task. This allows you to ensure your team knows what they need to do, follow up on, and complete.
  • Notes: A fine text editor that allows you to keep all the notes you need, share the notes with other, or just have a quick place to jot information down!
  • Call Presence: This allows you to see all active users (Nimbus and Boomea). See who is on the phone or is free to take calls directly from your computer.
  • Web Phone: If you do not wish to have a physical phone, Boomea has a webphone built in. As long as you have a headset connected to your computer (or just speakers and a microphone), you can make phone calls directly from your computer. This is a great option for mobile users who utilize tablets.
  • Conference Meetings: Allowing you to hold Zoom style meetings directly from the app and invite anyone to via e-mail links. This allows you to not only have a video call, but screen share capabilities as well. Perfect for any type of meeting!

If you are interested in our VoIP platform, or have any questions or concerns about switching to VoIP, feel free to reach out to us at any time for a complimentary demo of our system as well as a cost analysis! We would love to have your business with IT Factor VoIP!