Protecting Your Business

Implementing the use of high quality security camera systems, you can ensure that your business is protected. In today’s world, video monitoring is becoming more prevalent in business security to ensure that there is video evidence that is admissible in court cases.

IT Factor can evaluate, install and configure a full surveillance system for your business. We will ensure to cover all important angles and utilize our years of experience to effectively secure you with the best system for your business.

Camera Systems Include

  • Network (IP) Video Recorder up to 32 Channels
  • High Quality Cameras up to 4K Resolution
  • Large Scale Hard Drives for 24/7 Recording
  • Audio Recording Technology
  • Mobile Camera App to Monitor your Cameras

Importance of Evidence

In any court case, video evidence can make or break a case. Having well documented evidence, video recordings as well as audio recording can save your business thousands! Most businesses don’t realize that security cameras not only protect your building from break ins, but can assist in preventing lawsuits against your company by providing video and audio evidence of what another party claims happened at your location.

We have assisted multiple businesses in court cases by bringing video and audio recordings to their cases, where a customer accused their business of not stating important information or “making promises” to the customer. Once the customer realized everything was being recorded (including audio), they promptly dropped their cases. Don’t let your business fall victim to this form of predatory behavior.

How much are Camera Systems?

Camera System costs can vary depending on several aspects of your desired system.

  1. How many cameras do you need?
  2. How long do you want recordings to be stored?
  3. How many cables need to be ran.
  4. What quality do you want the cameras to have?

These factors all influence the cost of the system, but an estimated cost can be provided to you free of charge with our evaluation services.

How often do businesses need to utilize footage?

More than you might think! IT Factor receives calls weekly to review footage and assist in extracting it to a DVD to be used for a court case or to be stored just in case it is needed. This has grown especially when audio recording implementation is put into place. This has helped solve the issue of the “He said, She said” behavior.