Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

Data on a hard drive might not seem important until it is too late. Hard drive corruption happens everyday, leaving users with no option but to think of that data as being completely lost. There are many ways a drive could fail including:

  • Mechanical Failure (Motor, Actuator Arm, Reading Heads)
  • Software Failure (Firmware, Control Board, Boot Sector)
  • Electrical Failure (Short in Chipset)

These failures could happen at any time. IT Factor believes in having a good Backup Plan. But when users don’t have a backup, that just leaves the option of data recovery.

If you have a drive that has suffered a failure, DO NOT try to perform any repairs or even power on the drive. This could cause more damage to the drive. Allow us to look at the drive to find the source of the problem and attempt data recovery for you. Contact us today for a quote for your data recovery project!

Ransomware Data Recovery

If your need for data recovery is due to a Ransomware infection, the chances of  recovering your data is very low. Most ransomware not only encrypts your current files, but they also remove all restore points. If you have a backup drive connected to your computer during the time of infection, it will also encrypt your backup. This leaves you no options for data recovery. NEVER pay a ransom if you are infected.

IT Factor recommends having a reliable Offsite Backup to ensure that your data is secured offsite. Doing so allows you to have a backup in a location the ransomware cant infect!