Cloud Hosting Services

With the increase of internet bandwidth and changes in security technology, the implementation of cloud hosted servers have been growing. Using Cloud Hosting, you are taking out the stress of hosting your own application server out of your hands.

IT Factor can assist your business with starting a new cloud hosted server, or even virtualize your existing environment into our servers. Using strong SSL RSA-256Bit encryption, Gateway Servers as well as routing network policies, we can ensure that you will have full, secure access to your data from your office.

Allowing us to maintain your cloud hosted server, we will also ensure that it is backed up daily, monitored for errors, tuned for speed and monitor the security of your data at all times.

What can I do with a Cloud Hosted Server?

Utilizing a cloud server, we can host any software, database, file sharing, active directory and much more. We are currently hosting many systems in our data center including Medical Practices, Accounting Firms and Law Firms. If you are interested in a free evaluation to host your server in the cloud, call us today!

How much is a cloud server?

IT Factor bases our Cloud Hosting charges based on the data size requirements, bandwidth and hardware requirements. There may also be additional charges based on any special licensing for software requirements such as remote scanning, dictation or specialized printing. The charge for hosting a server is performed on a monthly basis.

How is my data secure if it is in the cloud?

Utilizing strong encryption practices as well as MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), we can ensure the safety of your data. We also utilize IP based authentication to ensure that only your office is able to communicate with our server, effectively blocking all other connections.

For clients that are wanting to utilize Active Directory (Domain Services to control windows login), we also offer IPSEC VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology to your office to ensure that all logins are not broadcast outside of that VPN Connection.